How Many sessions will i need?

This totally depends on what you are working on and how quickly we are able to acheive the change you are looking for. As a general guide, 6 sessions are recommended to begin with, ideally weekly or fortnightly. This keeps the momentum going and allows a regular check in and refocus. Once, this initial phase is completed, you can choose whether you want to reduce to less frequent appointments, book single appointments when you feel necessary or put a hold on sessions. You are in complete control and free to discontinue or resume at any time.

Is it expensive?

When we pay and commit to something we get better results  - that is proven! You need to ask...What is it worth for me to get this issue solved? If your relationship is near breaking point, "What would divorce cost? What price can you put on happiness and fulfilment?" That said, I strive to make my services as affordable as possible, as for me, it is about bringing about change. This is why I strive to make real change as quickly as possible - YOUR commitment is essential for this.  An individual session costs $150 for 45 minutes. If you book and pay for 4 sessions this reduces to $120 per session ($480). 

Where are you located?


How are you different from other coaches?

Face to face coaching takes place at my Parkdale office. If that is not convenient we can meet via video or phone, although face to face is much more effective in my opinion. If you want to discuss further options, please email to discuss availability and cost.


All Coaches have their own particular style and area of expertise. I concentrate on relationships and how they impact the other areas of your life. By changing or shifting how you relate and interact with others so you can really shift the overall shape of your life. I believe in getting to the point and getting results. I prefer to have complete flexibility with the number of sessions and time frame that we work within as you are unique and your goals and obstacles will never be the same as another person's, therefore you are treated individually rather than as a 'package'.