Life and Relationship Coaching

What is a Life Coach and how can they help me?

Are you feeling stuck or unsatisfied with life?

Do you just 'know' this is not how your life or relationship is supposed to be?

Are you wondering "Why has my relationship gone wrong?"

Have you read relationship books and still things haven't improved?

A  professional Life and Relationship Coach can help you overcome an obstacle or block that is preventing you from living the life you dream of.

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why Do I need a Life Coach?

That depends... most problems in life you can probably manage to deal with. You'll have ups, you'll have downs, but you feel equipped to deal with this. You may be lucky enough to have good people around you to support you and we all have the internet for finger-tip answers. But often, it just isn't enough. You need someone to work with you as a particular problem reappears or you are just overwhelmed and need help! Maybe you have goals or a new direction you want to take and you need clarity refining how to do that.  Think of it this way, even though I 'know' what to do to get fit, my Personal Trainer gets me there much faster as they know what to target and keep me accountable! Having that extra support and guidance is invaluable to achieving your goals. 

Why do I need a relationship coach?

"Relationships are supposed to be easy." - WRONG 

"You shouldn't have to work at it, it should come naturally." - WRONG

All relationships need care and nurturing, especially with those who are the closest to us. With the pressures of life, kids, money, work... we can fall into behaviours and routines that can be actually working against our desire for love and connection. However, when we are 'IN' the relationship we can't always see this, and can struggle to fix it! A Relationship Coach can work with you in an objective, non-judgmental way to pinpoint where the problems truly lie and TAKE ACTION to change things

As well as getting a current relationship back on track, Jo works with people to uncover and deal with relationship breakdown, divorce and separation, getting ready for a new relationship and any beliefs that have prevented past relationships from moving forward. By understanding ourselves better, we can move towards a future with confidence that past pain will not hold us back anymore.


"Are you ready to make a change?"



We are here to help you remove those life or relationship blockers, give you tools and support you in planning and making the change to finally start realising the life you dream of!

  • Shift your focus to increase your happiness

  • Understand your feelings better and the feelings of those around you

  • Gain strategies and tools on how to having loving relationships

  • Reduce frustration and anger and the consEquences of these feelings

  • Stop dating the wrong person repeatedly

  • access online courses to help your relationship


We work to empower you in all aspects of your life, loves, career and dreams - including dating!

Primarily this focuses on Life Coaching individuals to create that change. We also strive to support other businesses that are working to 'feed our souls' through our own personal development and to connect clients to the very best and latest teachings and strategies to make dreams a reality.